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10. January - 14. January 2024

We will organise another camp in Helsinki City. It‘s an ISG Tunnel and flys like butter.

For this camp we got you super coaches and a good tunnel price. We have some Fullsend merch to welcome you on board to the Fullsend family. We know Helsinki quite well and depending on the flight schedules we will go to some public saunas or do some bouldering.

Price: 650€/ per hour

(3h+ Bookings only. If you want to participate,

but fly less pls shoot us a message)


  • World-class Coaching from Roland Carl and Onni Veitola
  • Your own Fullsend Jersey
  • Camp & Schedule Organisation
  • Fullsend Camp Vibes

Not included

  • Accommodation - We’re happy to organize an Airbnb for you and share the price with everyone. Simply let us know in the registration if you wish to join our accommodation booking or if you get your own accommodation.

  • Transport - It’s super easy to get to the Tunnel from HEL Helsinki Airport with public transport. See Google Maps options from HEL Airport to Kalasatama Metro Station.

  • Food - The tunnel is directly inside of a mall so we have lots of options. We will try to always get some food together and do everything if possible as a group.

You’re welcome to join us on the 9th already for some night sessions.


Roland Carl

One of the top ten ranked flyers in the world in dynamic flying and freestyle is joining us. Not only is Roland's flying insane, but with the backround of beeing an aerospace engineer and having 8 years of indoor skydiving coaching experience, he is the coach to push and polish your skills for longterm goals. Rather than trying to only teach you certain positions, he focuses on sharing general tools that are applicable in any flyingppsition. He is approaching projects quite analytical and his focus is to build your flying in general. Through his coaching, you will learn a lot of important skills for your present and future tunnel career.

Because he went through the whole flying learning process and had a lot of students so far he loves to bring you to fly as efficient as possible.

Onni Veitola

Onni is a 23-year old self taught young gun from Finland. At the moment you can find him coaching mostly at Fööni and Aeronautica Arena in Finland and Flyspot in Poland.

He’s been pushing his coaching in the sky and tunnel for the past few years and enjoys expanding the technical understanding of flying in and outside of the tunnel.

He tries to emphasize the interconnectedness of it all while breaking the learning into basic principles which you will drill together all through the speed range.

He characterises his passion with flying as understanding and mastering movement, which leads to the main interest in the windy tube being dynamic flying. If you want chill vibes and indepth answers for your questions come along for the ride!

(Ben tischhauser)

I will start freelancing as a tunnel coach, and I am excited to have my first students to coach and share my knowledge of flying.

I had the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in the world, acquiring various techniques and styles. By combining low-speed and high-speed practices,

I developed patience and a broader vision to observe how small exercises can impact my high-speed flying. I learned how to efficiently use low-speed training and push my limits in high-speed flying. I enjoy analyzing my body and videos, making adjustments to ensure things work out. My main focus is on learning with dedication and fun.

Currently, I am working with my first set of students in the tunnel. If you are interested in flying with me, please let me know in advance, and I would be delighted to show you how to fly.


Get ready to take your skydiving game to the next level. From the tunnel to freefall techniques, WE will have you soaring through the skies like a boss in no time. So strap on your gear and join us for an unforgettable adventure!

Ben & Marc

WHy our camp?

We are not just another camp; we are a skills-focused CAMP

that is all about mastering the art of flight and taking

your skills to the next level.

flying redefined:

our Worldclass instructors dive deep into technique, body control, and precision. You'll learn the art of maneuvering in the air, perfecting your moves that will set you apart. Get ready to impress yourself with your newfound skills.

Skill + Fun Fusion:

While we're serious about skill development, we also know how to have a blast. Our camp is a dynamic blend of intense training and unforgettable fun. Join our Fam and meet like-minded enthusiasts, and embark on an adventure where learning and enjoyment go hand in hand.

Family for a lifetime:

Once you join our crew you'll be part of our community forever where we exchange all about our flying skills and next events.

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